Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh my, not the books!

The library I obtained as a homeschooler is massive. Every room has books in it. In an effort to down-size and get better organized, I'm purging our book collection.

For a few hours yesterday, Camille, Caitlyn and I made some hard decisions. Which books to keep, which books to donate, which to sell.

Some of the books were heartbreaking, a realization of a different path not taken fully. What will I do with Socratic Logic? A few books were choices I had made for Camille's middle school science years. I'm keeping them. Goodbye old intentions, I need shelf space for scout books, yarn, and art supplies.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Francis Beidler Forest: Nature Study

Short Update

We are a family of six, all four children are living with us now.
All 5 in scouts: 3 Girl Scouts (Daisy, Brownie & Cadette), 
1 Tiger Cub Scout and me (Adult Volunteer).
A very full calendar. Emphasis on very.
Volunteering weekly as a family at our local SCPA.
Have taken up crocheting again.
New job is still fabulous.
Winston's hair is really short- Michael shaved him (poor boy).
Still deeply, madly in love with my husband and grateful for every crazy,
patience-testing moment we've had that make us appreciate each other more.