In Our Blender

Camille- 10 years old, 5th grade. The leader of the pack, creative and loves to draw. She can be very sneaky, quietly disobedient and one that needs to be watched, lol. She loves horses and thinks she wants to be a veterinarian, doctor or architect. Jessica's daughter

Danny- 6 years old, Kindergarten. The sole boy in the troop, 100% boy- active, mischievous, but sweet as can be. He'll share freely he just doesn't like taking turns. He has speech development issues and possibly a learning disability. He currently wants to be a ninja when he grows up. Jessica's son.

Caitlyn- 7 years old, 1st grade. Michael's oldest girl, she is quiet yet confident. She also wants to be a veterinarian or doctor when she grows up, she loves cats. Her favorite color is pink and she adores princesses.

Hannah- 5 years old, Kindergarten. Michael's youngest girl. She is boisterous and full of spunk. She'll tell you how she thinks it is in a heartbeat but has a heart of gold. 

Michael- 32 years old, fabulous father to Caitlyn and Hannah and step-dad to Camille and Danny. He enjoys comics, techie stuff, golf, hunting, spending time with his family and being Jessica's tamer when she's being impulsive. He is hilarious and full of heart.

Jessica- 33 years old, loving mother of Camille and Danny, step-mom to Caitlyn and Hannah. She enjoys reading, learning about new things that interest her, cooking, movies, kayaking, and spending time with her family. She wants to become a master naturalist one day.

Winston- 1 year old West Highland Terrier, the mascot of the family. He dances for treats, keeps the home safe and has this insane need to lick Jessica's feet every night.