Household Chores

Reward systems: Camille gets $2.00 a week and 5 privileges each week if she completes her chore list and her behavior is fine. If she misbehaves or doesn't do her chores, she forfeits a privilege. There are some behaviors such as lying that forfeits all privileges and money. She negotiated the $2.00, I offered $5.00 a week and 1 privilege a week but she wanted more privileges and less money. She understands that we can renegotiate her rewards if she is consistently doing what she's supposed to.

Danny's reward system is all about privileges. He's toy crazy and we've tried the toy route but all it does is reinforce the gimme-gimme's. Plus, his Dad and Poppa (Dad's dad) undermine the reward system by buying Danny toys when he hasn't earned them. Danny also has to have good behavior at school and home to earn his privileges.

For privileges:
  1. 1 hour extra at bedtime
  2. 1 hour of playing a Wii game of your choice after your chores are done on the weekend
  3. Your pick of where to eat out
  4. Your pick of a board game to play on game night
  5. Your pick of a movie or game rental 
  6. A friend sleepover
On the weekends, we tackle the entire house cleaning together. We take our master list and assign names as we accomplish the tasks. Doing it together makes it go by faster.