Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Family Ride

Of course, taken precariously while riding my own bicycle. 4 Kids, 2 Adults- no one on the trail was safe. We rode down the left side of the path, thinking it would take us to the town park. No. If we had taken the right side of the path, we'd have come to the park, after about 1 hour and half of riding the trail and realizing we went the wrong way, we turned around. When we reached the place we began, the kids wanted to the do the other 3 miles to the park. Hannah was a trooper, she is the shortest with the smallest bike which means she has to pedal double the rest of us- she tired out but kept on pushing. She wanted to go to the park the most but without water (we drank it all)- we headed home instead and let them continue to ride on our street.

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