Sunday, May 15, 2011

I can't keep up.

A Cup of Friendship: A Novel
I'm reading books faster than I can keep track! I only get on here about once a week and I'm reading about 2 books a week. I just finished A Cup of Friendship by Deborah Rodriguez. Now I'm working on Black Out by Lisa Unger. I went to the library online and loaded a few ebooks, I have 21 days to read before they will disappear.

Black Out: A NovelSaving Grace (Harlequin Historical)I met Carolyn Davidson, an author of historic Harlequin novels. I was in shock when she handed me one of her books that I forgot to ask her to sign it! We had been talking and she asked me if I read, "all the time" and she handed me the book. My mind filled with so many questions and then she was wishing me a good day and was gone. URGH! Hopefully I'll see her again and get her to sign it and maybe ask her a few questions.

The school is bleeding me dry, please send money for t-shirt, food for celebration, yearbooks, donations for PTA, etc. I think I might have over-committed myself, hopefully I did tear off all the fill out forms and left the information for myself. Gee, how many times next week did I say I would be at the school?

Camille is going to be touring the middle school she'll be attending next year. She's super excited. Danny is faux-excited that she'll be at another school. He seems excited that he'll be on his own but Momma bear can see that he's a cross between being jealous and afraid that she won't be around.

His birthday is next weekend. They are growing up! He'll be 7 years old and soon he'll be either too cool or too old to sit in my lap. I can't wait to hear his plan for the day. It's our tradition, the birthday person gets to choose what we'll be doing for the day, where we go, what we eat and what we do. We might have to put a dollar limit on the tradition soon, Camille is getting too smart for my own good.


  1. sounds like exciting stuff! We have a tradition of the birthday person getting to go out for a special birthday dinner with a parent, and the birthday kid gets to pick the restaraunt. We did have to say no to the 5 star restaurant our teen wanted to try :0

  2. It's been a while since I have read your blogs - it's been a while since I've done anything with blogs, including my own. I'm so happy to see you're happy and that you were successful with the contempts on your ex. Good luck to you and your blender! [PS - I noticed a snarky anonymous comment on your most recent Trivium Academy post that you may want to remove; no one should have the option to post anonymously.]


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