Monday, September 12, 2011

Take this job...

I haven't posted much. When I'm stressed I tend to prioritize my time and blogging gets put to the wayside. The last post I did was in May with today's exception of Tile!

I started looking for another job in May so my online time has been spent exploring job boards and updating my resume. I didn't want to talk about my job because I while it was happening, I didn't want something I said to come back and bite me if I decided to stay. I've found a new job at another bank and I start in a week. I've taken last week and this week off to decompress from all the stress I've been under since last December when I took a new position.

I will be the first to admit, management of others is not easy. No matter how fair you are, no matter how sympathetic, empathetic... others expect to get away with murder and get a 'pass' for everything. If not, you're the big bad wolf. I didn't have a problem with that, although I have new understanding of what 'entitlement' and 'lazy' means beyond generalizations.

I left due to the constant stress and pressure of micromanagement from my leadership team. Coming in to work, know there are 5 tasks to be completed before opening (done correctly the first time helps) and seeing 15 emails all with different asks, different time-frames and 10 of them require a response. 8 of the 10 requiring a response were sent at 6:00pm and require a response within 30-45 minutes. 2 of the 15 are very unclear as to what the person wants and 3 of the emails are going to require 1-2 hours of research to answer.

Then, your manager comes in and asks what you're doing for the day. Will your team perform at this level today? What will you do to ensure they meet their goals? Did you answer that email yet? I need to meet with you later to discuss writing so and so up and did you call the person about this or that yet? What is the status of this? You do realize it's due by 10:00 am today?


My team is coming at me with questions that they could answer themselves but don't want to put forth any more effort than asking me. More than I like, I answer them instead of explaining to them how to get to the answer themselves- *mental note: send email with instructions. Then the answer is, I sent an email with instructions how to do that. Read it and follow it. (Smile).

If I had support, understanding and appreciation from my manager & team- I probably wouldn't have left. I worked for 50-60 hours a week on salary. My manager took 45 days off for medical leave during a major, major project. I took on her role, my role and without much support. Since March, I haven't had an assistant. On top of all that, I was written up myself by my write-up happy manager without much direction on how to improve. I swear, she was the happiest on the days she had someone to write up.Yes, I called HR. I had 3 different cases and I spoke to my District Manager. Unfortunately, all that did insert doubt that I could handle my job. In my last call to HR, they begged me to switch branches, let's talk to your district manager and get you moved. I had had enough and I felt I already reached out to my district manager 2 times in the past 8 months with no favorable results- why try again?

Since May, I've been on 2 interviews and submitted my resume to over 50 jobs. My 2nd interview was my ticket. A job within my field with a solid company whose mission I can align myself with proudly. May to September and I applied to many jobs that I was qualified for!

I'm excited for this new chapter. A whole lot less stress and a more balanced life. I'm furiously loyal and leaving my previous employer was very hard. Even the day I turned my notice in, I was doubting whether I was making the right decision. Today, a week later- I'm relaxed and at ease with life and my decision.

The last thing I want to say on the subject is that the company was not altogether bad, there are many good principles to what they're trying to do but when you mix good principles with bad execution- the end result is ugly. I left the door open to walk back through at a later date, although it would take MAJOR convincing for me to go back.

Onward and happier...

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  1. Your whirlwind seems to be never ending. :) I'm glad you finally had a moment to write. I am also glad to hear you are continuing to life by the horns at your own terms. Change is difficult, but sometimes necessary.


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