Wednesday, February 9, 2011

President's Awards

At work team members are recognized each quarter for their efforts. Each quarter this past year I was in the top 12 of the state (out of 4 districts) and received a President's Award. I just found out that I am to receive another one for 4th Quarter! We have a luncheon, play games with the upper leadership and receive recognition/awards. The first one I was invited to was life-changing, I have never worked for a company before that truly recognizes individual efforts and to have the regional pres say 'thank you for your efforts, you are the heart of this business' is very rare these days.

For me the first quarter awards happened at a time that I was contemplating leaving the company, now two promotions later and three awards later...I can't imagine feeling like that again. Now that I'm in a new position the criteria for winning the President award is different, it's based more on my team's effort instead of my individual effort b/c I'm now a manager. What's great is that the award aside, I do my best and if my efforts are effective enough I'll be rewarded again. If not, then I just continue to learn to be more If I'm being effective, then my team is being effective and hopefully I'll have a team member that will start winning the pres award! I love my job and I'm glad that I found something that really uses my strengths and challenges me to grow in other ways.

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  1. That is a great accomplishment considering everything else going on in your life at the time. Congratulations!


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