Saturday, March 5, 2011

The dangers of neighborhood bball

Camille went to play with the neighbors who have a basketball goal, the portable type. Within 15 minutes Danny was screaming for Michael because Sissy was hurt. Camille had tried to dunk the ball like the other kids and held onto to the goal which fell on her. She was hurt and it wasn't until she looked at her the blood on her hands that she screamed. Michael called me (at work) while she was screaming to let know she was hurt and they were going to the emergency room. I asked him if the sound was an ambulance, "no, it's Camille screaming," he said.

Michael was outside in the garage so he heard Danny's yelling immediately from two doors down. He responded quickly and he handled the situation the best way he could in the circumstances. Although Camille was screaming her head off he handled her with patience and did everything right.

I drove frantically while trying to call Camille's dad to let him know she was hurt although I didn't have all the details. I arrived at the hospital and when I saw her, I was scared and enraged. What happened? That's when I found out all the details.

She was so brave, getting stitches, a CT scan and I was so grateful it wasn't worse. She has a black eye, stitches, a large knot on the back of head, and a broken thumb. She didn't pass out so she only had a mild concussion, nothing to be worried about the doctor told us. When we returned, I went to the mother of the kid (her house) and told her what happened. I took Camille with me so she could see what happened to Camille.These conversations are hard, you want to show your outrage but you realize that coming across too strongly will cause the other person to be defensive.

She tried to blame Camille for the accident. I then politely said she might want to fill the base with sand before it injures another child. She told Camille to leave the dunking to the boys. NEVER MIND the fact that if the basketball goal had been properly secured, no child should have gotten hurt (it's called gross negligence). A little left over rant...

Camille and I walked away and I told her it wasn't her fault. "I know Mom, too bad she thinks girls are weaker, she doesn't know that you and I are able to do anything a boy could." Atta girl! She's fine and she's enjoying the attention from everyone asking, "what happened to you?" Her dad showed up right after we left the hospital and Camille got treated to her favorite food, sushi. With instructions, mederma and pain medicine in hand, Camille left to have a weekend with her dad. What a Friday.

First post written on cellphone, came back and filled in details and corrected when Camille screamed (at blood in her hands, not reflection).

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