Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Family Project

Our home after winter's ravage.

A few Christmas Cheer Azaleas, Indian Feather Pink Cloud (Gaura lindheimeri) that will outgrow the azaleas and fill in very nicely but can be controlled by pruning.

I guess the kids' flowers can't really be seen, they all chose an annual to plant. We also planted strawberries. I had to give the Azaleas and Pink Cloud room to grow, I'm sure it'll fill in soon. Our sky pencil has grown since last summer and our blueberry bush survived winter. It has flowers now, I hope it will yield blueberries again, my mom says I need another blueberry bush for it to cross pollinate.

Spring 2011
We need to poly-urethane the kids' stepping stones and add them still. Our natchez Crepe myrtle is doing well, I'm going to prune it a little. It will bloom in May/June and keep blooming through September. 

The kids rode their bikes and flew kites in the field next to our home. I think we all got sun today.

Okay, this is Sunday's update to the yard. I found a deal on a fountain, it was on sale and I got another 10% off because someone had purchased it and brought it back (why, no idea). I assessed it with a Home Depot employee, all the parts were there and we actually put it completely together before I left the store. He said I could bring it back if something was wrong with it as long as I kept my receipt. Sorry, I'm keeping it. A few bags of pond pebbles later and voila....

Spring 2011, final
I have the 'garden' front porch I've always wanted. It feels like a sanctuary! We can watch the kids outside riding their bikes, flying kites or just drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. Camille says we have the best curb appeal in the neighborhood now. Wait until the neighbor on the corner starts working out in his yard- I've never seen a man who works out in his yard every. single. day. doing something the way this man does.

I look at Saturday morning's picture of our barren front and can't believe how different it looks. Wait, yes, I can believe it- my arms and back is feeling all the difference.


  1. Be careful when pruning. I believe a Crepe Myrtle has its buds ready to bloom now and if you prune them it may not bloom because you are trimming them off. I'd consult a book firts to make sure.

    The porch is gorgeous! I am so jealous you have a water feature! We started flower gardens for the girls this weekend, but didn't get very far. :( I'm glad someone used that beautiful weekend wisely.

  2. I love your fountain! I've always wanted a fountain, you've inspired me to go out and keep my eye out for good deals!

    Our neighbor across the street works in his yard almost everyday, and is often out there for whole days. Dh and I kind of snickered the first time we saw him out there vacuuming his lawn..but we quickly grew to admire and love his yard. He has these amazing huge, giant poppies every spring, the photo in my blog header is from his yard, looking at his poppies with my house in the background. Dh is using the same soil amendment he uses this year, we have a lot we can learn from him! We joke that we love the view of his yard, but our yard probably makes him weep..we are so busy with homeschooling 5 kids, the garden in the back, dh's woodworking- our poor front yard is barely maintained. This year will be different!

  3. I didn't realize you had another blog! Your home looks beautiful and so do you. You look gorgeous! Go, Jessica! Oh, congrats on the new marriage and new home! I'm so happy for you.


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