Sunday, March 6, 2011

Watching Weeds

Season 6. Just as I wanted to write how awesome the writing is in this season, we watched a few episodes last night that make me shirk away from that comment. We're on disc 3 of season 6 and the desire to watch the next episode is waning. The season started off strong, each episode had the cliffhanger at the end and because we're watching them on DVD, we don't have to wait for next week's episode.

JTress wrote a blog post about this that I agree, it's a crazy show where you have to suspend some belief and just get wrapped up into the story.

Michael and I got extra pleasure as the Botwins/Newmans pose as a traveling ministry.

The Botwins/Newmans continue their life on the run, purchasing a RV from a woman whose pastor-husband seems to have run afoul of the law. She is selling cheap and the Botwins are in a buying mood – even though the RV has “God is Awesome” emblazoned across the side and is filled with s#x toys and Israeli g@y p0rn. The family stops at an out of the way trailer park full of interesting people that are on the run as well. Andy decides to play up the God RV and pretend to be a pastor to bilk their new neighbors out of money. (Pasted from link)
We laughed so hard as we watched Andy pretending to be a pastor, using the faux voice while baptizing a RV park deviant at the request (and paid money) of his mom, Sugarpop.  Of course, Sugarpop's baby appears a little later high on m#th in his underwear and Sugarpop is demanding her baptism fee back while, "You said you would cleanse him of his sins!" The Botwins/Newmans are chased out of the RV park (among other reasons) with all the money Shane/Shawn collected for upcoming memorial services, baptisms, marriages, etc. I personally have heard the 'faux' voice too many times...

The main character, Nancy Botwin (Nathalie Newman) is a "what in the world is she thinking?" character with moments of brilliance or pure luck for being able to weasel her way out of situations continuously. I just read Season 7 might be the last...

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