Sunday, March 13, 2011

Springing Forward

Sunday is probably the fastest day of the week. We have Caitlyn and Hannah with us this weekend and they go back home this afternoon. It seems every hour just flies by unlike Saturdays. Time sprang ahead one hour and the time seems even shorter.

It seems like just a few hours before bedtime tonight, a sense of what we should have done with our weekend hours, a momentary flash of regret before we spring into action. The kids are going outside to ride their bikes in the cool yet warm day. Michael's family will be calling to see where to meet for lunch so they can see the girls before they go home. Then shortly after, the girls will go with Michael on trek to take them home while Camille, Danny and I wrestle the house back into submission after a weekend of four kids running from bedroom to bedroom- playing imaginary games, real games, and trying to decide what movie or game to play every other 15 minutes or the endless peace-keeping mission Michael and I find ourselves in with confident and vocal children.

Tomorrow is Monday and my work week is going to be stressful. I'm going to training for two weeks, four hours away, starting the week after. This week at work is going to be filled with tons of pressure to get three weeks' worth of work done in two weeks' and I doubt anyone will stop needing something at the spur of the moment. I'm making my list today of what I need to accomplish for the week so I can knock it out as I go. I've never been to training that has taken me away from my daily work and home life like this training is going to. I keep telling myself it will seem like a vacation, nothing but sitting in a classroom during the day and spending my nights at a hotel with all resemblance of daily life gone.

I'm going to miss the kids terribly, although I will call every night and find out how their days went- we'll probably use Skype if I can get my webcam working again. I'm going to miss Michael and Winston and just our life, which is so sweet. Sitting here thinking about it coming up, it seems like it will be long tedious two weeks but I know once I get into it, it will fly and I will wonder why I didn't try to enjoy it more.

I'll be back on weekends, just gone Monday-Friday for two weeks and then I'll be back with the newly added pressure of, "oh, but you've been to training..." at work. I have to laugh. Yep, I went to training and I'm newly minted an expert now, see my gold star? Whatever.

I'm off to fill the house with music and sunshine and enjoy our Sunday...

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